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LS-RC - Linear Sill with Removable Core

Standard Features

  • Extruded aluminum frame with signature line marks
  • Designed for window sill application
  • Core secured with stainless steel clips
  • Available in lengths of 144" in one piece (may vary for shipping and manufacturing considerations)
  • Maximum available width is 14"
  • 1/8" core blades run parallel to longest dimension
  • Standard frame flange is 1-1/4"
  • Satin Anodized Finish

Options (must specify when ordering)
Submittals (Technical Data/Revit)
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Cross Reference
  • Standard Color

  • Designer Colors

  • Additional Colors — No Added Cost

  • Linear LS-RC options
  • 1/2" OC - 0° or 20° Deflection
    1/3" OC - 0° Deflection
  • w/ Screwdriver Operated Opposed Blade Damper
  • Gymnasium Grade Construction
  • Extruded aluminum adjustable curved blade air deflection grid (LS-RC-Grid)
  • Fixed 2 way air deflection (LS-RC-2 Way)
  • Mounting bracket to bolt into sill (sill plate supplied by others)

Product Series 
No cross reference available for this product