WeWork | Seattle & Chicago

Project Team

MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR:  Hermanson in Seattle, F.E. Moran in Chicago

Products Designed Into Projects

  • 905 – Aluminum Airfoil Blade Grille with 45° Fixed Blades
  • 933 – Double Deflection Adjustable Steel Blade Grille
  • 935 – Steel Blade Grille with 45° Fixed Blades
  • RS34 – Double Deflection Radius Spiral Pipe Grille
  • LSD – Linear Slot Diffuser Supply

Project Description

Location: Locations in both Seattle and Chicago


WeWork is a company founded in 2010 that specializes in leasing shared office space for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. It all started in New York, but the company now has locations in 47 cities across 16 countries. WeWork does more than just offer office space, it offers a chance to become part of a larger network of like-minded people who together work towards the overarching mission of the company which is to “create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living”.

WeWork utilizes already existing buildings and retrofits them into modern workspaces. Conforming to recent market trends in design, most WeWork offices feature exposed ductwork ceilings. Spaces include large communal areas with glass walled offices that can fit anywhere between 1-100+ people. An environment like this demands versatile air distribution products.

Shoemaker Manufacturing was able to meet the air distribution demands of multiple WeWork projects with versatile RS - Radius Spiral Pipe Diffusers, 900 Series Grilles, and LSD - Linear Slot Diffusers. These products are both aesthetically appealing and have a wide variety of applications that allow for the needed amount of airflow in every environment. In particular, our RS series is an attractive option for those hoping to capitalize on the aesthetic appeal of exposed ductwork. The curved face of this product, along with its galvanized finish allow it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding pipe. In addition, adjustable blades, optional scoop extractors or dampers in this product allow for optimal and directed airflow.

During the build out of one of the Chicago jobs, the contractor was in a serious bind and needed 350 spirals within a week. Shoemaker was able to meet the demand, manufacturing and shipping 100% of the expedited order within 5 days. Solutions like these are possible because Shoemaker manufactures in Washington State and has complete control over production, customer service and logistics.