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SD34 - Transition Box Spiral Pipe Grille (Double Deflection)

Standard Features

  • Double deflection transition box mount spiral pipe grille
  • Front blades are parallel to shortest dimension
  • Back blades are parallel to longest dimension
  • Allows for 4-way airflow adjustment
  • Nylon bushings on adjustable blades allow for easy adjustment, and prevents metal on metal rattle for quiet operaton
  • Curved saddle with gasket provides airtight fit to spiral pipe
  • Product sizes available to fit spiral pipe diameters 8” – 48.” Spiral pipe diameter must be 4” larger than width of grille.
  • Galvanized Finish
  • View or print our product information sheet
  • See Relevant Case Studies First Hill Medical Pavillan, 333 Dexter

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Product Series 
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